Meditation & Relax

All the recordings presented here are written and performed by me.

Feel free to use and share but always together with the link to the source, which is this website or my youtube channel  🙂 

thank you.

This meditation will take you through pretty long journey of discovering your own aura, strenghtening it and finally cutting off all the contracts, records and implants that you might agree somewhere, sometime in a past to use on yourself.

It is a great tool to make a deep clearning of all outside influences.

It is a short inspirational talk, to lift you up, to motivate you to a bit more effort in daily life. 

It is a short retrospection and a reminder of what’s most important in our life. 

it is a topic to medidate or relax with. 

It is a short, before sleep, inspirational meditation to remind you how blessed you are being born as a woman. 

If you are working with the topic of femininity in you, you must use this tool to bring more balanace and accpetance in your daily feminine life. 

Feel happy being a woman.