Do you know that most people tend to cumulate all stresses and tensions in upper body?
And that leads to excessive overuse of certain parts of the back and consequently creates constant tension, weakness and loss of muscle flexibility.  We notice this more and more with frequent back pain, neck or headaches.
Without regular muscle relaxation, it leads to permanent changes and degeneration, which directly affect the spine condition. And as we all know the spine health reflects on our whole being, including body, mind and spirit.

Don’t wait until the problem grows so much that you wouldn’t be able to bear the pain or even move less freely.
The longer you wait the longer recovery lasts and the more treatments is required to bring you back to good health and balance.
It is definitely easier and better to act right after first symptoms of weakness, discomfort or inconvenience.
This way you save your health, your time and your money.

Do you know that Healing Bodywork Therapy [HBT] is based on all body therapies that I have learned and performed over the years?
HBT has been created in order to give the body, mind & soul, what they need most.
By using the inner wisdom of intuition, supported with all the knowledge of many ancient body work techniques, the therapist through the treatment, discovers all the known as the forgotten as well, to work on it and bring it on to the surface.

In the end leaving the recipient relaxed, calmed down and balanced.
Better condition and flexibility of muscles are included in the end effect too.


  • 30 minutes of Massage Therapy – 40             
  • 45 min of Massage Therapy – 50


  • Head, Neck, Shoulders 
  • Neck, Back, Shoulders
  • Back, Legs, Feet
  • Head, Neck, Feet


Lomi Lomi Nui Therapy (1 to 1,5 h) – 60

Maori Healing Therapy (1 to 1,5 h) – 60

Shiatsu Therapy (45min – 1h) – 50


Intuitive Energy Healing Therapy

  • 30 min of therapy – 40
  • 45 min of therapy – 50
  • 60 min of therapy – 60

Pendulum Healing Therapy (1h) – 60

  • 30 min of therapy – 40
  • 45 min of therapy – 50