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Buying a voucher is a great way to express your care, warm feelings and love for yourself or your loved ones.

Don’t hesitate and indulge yourself or your parent/ partner/ child/ best friend…

contact me and get a voucher!

If you are looking for yourself or your loved ones:

  • The one and only, best perfect gift, you can get;
  • A peaceful place to rest, relax and restore well-being;
  • A support for natural health or recovery after some period of sickness;
  • A way for a fresh /  new start;
  • A start for healing process in life;
  • A good way to support the spiritual growth;
  • A wide range of interesting healing therapies;
  • A way to celebrate that special day (the birthday, passed exams, getting new job or so on);

Get you a voucher!

The voucher with chosen treatment, is the gift which:

  • …helps to feel full of vitality and energy again;
  • …helps to find balance during the deep or difficult transformation;
  • …includes the fulfilling whole being; the body, mind and soul;
  • …leaves you with those unforgettable memories and impressions which last for very long time;
  • …is the very best way to express your true, unconditional love, care and gratitude.

Bying a voucher is very easy to make, and I am here to give a hand if any problem occurs.

The only thing you have to do is contact me, and I take care of the rest.

Please, remember that the voucher can be issued only after receiving the payment, therefore consider giving yourself few working days for completing the whole transaction.

There are two types of vouchers, you can chose from.

  1. Treatment voucher; which speaks about a chosen treatment for chosen person.
  2. Money voucher; which speaks about certain among of money, you would like to be spent on any treatment.

You are allowed to apply for the voucher for any treatment presented here, on the web site. 

If you need an advice about choosing the right treatment for you or that special someone, I am here to assist you and to make your decision easier.
I am also here to assist you or your loved ones in this extraordinary journey you have chosen to share with.

Ewa Siembida
Holistic Therapist & Artist