Holistic Bodywork Therapy

What Holistic Bodywork Therapy (HBT) is about.

Holistic Bodywork Therapy (HBT) is based on all body therapies that I have learned and performed over the years; in particular Maori Healing Therapy, Lomi Lomi Nui, Shiatsu and Chiropractic Therapy. If required, energy work techniques are being used as a part of treatment as well. At this point I strongly recommend you to take a look at all therapies mentioned above.

Studying and practicing all those ancient techniques for body, mind and spirit, makes you realize that all of them are about only one thing. Speaking briefly, about bringing back the balance between those three elements and supporting well being on every possible level of our existence.  So many different techniques but one goal. So no wonder this idea eventually came up; to use them all working together to achieve that one highest goal.

Therefore, the HBT has been created in order to give the body, mind & soul, what they need most and truly, at the very given moment. By using the inner wisdom of intuition, supported with all the knowledge of many ancient body work techniques, the therapist through the treatment, discovers all the known as the forgotten as well, to work on it and bring it on to the surface. In the end leaving the recipient relaxed, calmed down and balanced. Better condition and flexibility of muscles are included in the end effect too. 

Where required, deep tissue work is activated to stimulate the molecules in the cells to allow for a break and release of toxins. Treatment may include the use of elbows, forearms, hands, knees, feet, stick, stones, and seawater. It is a deep tissue work, but the intensity of it depends strictly on condition of the receiver at the giving moment. So mostly the therapy is based on pressure of certain points but is also completed with typical massage strokes. It is rather recommended to make it more or less strongly to achieve requiring release and purification of tension and stressing. However it is also to reach into deep hidden blockages, and to bring them up back to the surface. To let you face them again with new strength, wisdom, maturity and loving witness, which therapist become alike if needed.

This kind of bodywork therapy is always performed safely and with deep respect to the receiver and his highest Goodness. The process of healing is a secret and spiritual act and if you trust into your divine guidance and breathe deeply as you were advised, you probably will be very surprised or even shocked with such a positive results and the number of released old tensions.

And how it looks like? The receiver is lying on the massage table, covered with the towels or even blanket if necessary. Before you enter the therapy room please consider what you want to work most on. Mostly people like to put more attention to the back area, therefore it is normally uncovered, and at this point, some oil is used during the bodywork therapy. Usually there is no need to take off any clothes except the top. And it is strictly recommended wearing a tracksuit or leggings as legs stretches are part of the therapy. 

Who can benefit from HBT?

Absolutely everyone. Either you already start feeling un-ease or discomfort in your body or feeling healthy and fit. There is always something to work on to make the body, mind and soul feel better and more relaxed.
Every treatment is one of a kind and it differ from the previous and the next one. It is because YOU as a being are shifting constantly and every time you come for a session you represent something else, you are something/someone else than you have been even a minut ago.

Benefits of  holistic bodywork therapy.

While working on deep tissues and joints a flow of energy is being actuated and also a cell memory is being activated, in order to free ourselves from what we don’t need already anymore. As a result, even the most deeply held or hidden emotions can finally be thrown on the top. These emotional experiences are just a reflection of all of our physical, emotional or mental ailments. Activation of looking with the heart, helps the therapist to identify where in there are specific toxic problems that impair, weaken and disharmonize the receiver. When in the end, these problems will be thrown on top then the therapist cleanses the space to allow for holistic healing and transformation.

More of benefits you may experience with such a treatment:

  • re-awakening your life force and rejuvenation;
  • exceeding the mental and emotional limits;
  • getting truly dynamic and transforming experience helping to let go old cases and repeated patterns of yours;
  • letting go of old trauma of past generations that we carry in the DNA;
  • freeing from all kinds of fears and anxieties;
  • releasing from obsolete and aggravating thought patterns and habits;
  • filling with balance and harmony and helping you to find the best solutions to existing challenges;
  • often awakening people to desire a profound change of yourself and your life;
  • awakening our inner power and joy;
  • raising acceptance, concern and love for yourself and others;
  • opening to all successes and abundance in our lives;
  • connecting fully with your own spirit and restoring the balance between the body, mind and spirit;
  • stimulation and strengthening; the circulatory, digestive, skeletal, nervous, immune and lymphatic systems;
  • supporting metabolism;
  • regulating the blood pressure;
  • restoring the hormonal balance;
  • stimulating and strengthening the internal organs;
  • supporting the process of cleaning the body of toxins;
  • strengthening and relaxing the muscles and joints;
  • relaxing and softening deeper layers of tissue;
  • unlocking tight muscles and releasing the energy flow;
  • restoring lightness and body awareness; 

Contraindications of healing bodywork therapy

Read the contraindications of massage therapy

Preparation for healing bodywork therapy

  • on treatment day refrain from drinking caffeine or if not possible at least limit its consumption, as it has a direct effect on the nervous system and can cause problems with relax;
  • the day before and especially on treatment day, refrain from drinking alcohol;
  • 1.5 hour before the treatment, don’t eat heavy meal; if necessary you can afford a light snack about an hour before;
  • before leaving your home, if possible, take a warm, relaxing shower, which will help you to calm down and eventually bring you faster into relax state, and help you to prepare for healing process during the treatment;
  • dress in warm, loose outfit; during big energy transformations, lots of people feel cold coming from the inside of the body;
  • make sure to take off the jewellery (chains, bracelets, watches, rings, earrings etc)
  • it is recommended to have a good mood and positive attitude;
  • during the treatment, it is recommend for you to relax your body and mind. It allows the energy to flow freely and rich as much of your being as you are open to. Deep breathing is very helpful in getting into relaxation state. To make it even easier, it is very common to use some relaxation or meditation music along with gentle fragrance of incense and soft light of candles.
  • relaxed state of mind and body express your readiness and willingness for the change, for better, and becomes the key, without which, no change is able to occur. Without your inner permission and agreement, no shift or transformation is able to arise and become real.
  • the more you feel ready and opened the bigger change may appear.
  • if you have any questions or doubts, even during the treatment, don’t hesitate to ask your therapist right away.
  • because the therapy accelerates the various mechanisms, including removing the toxins from the body, it is highly recommended to drink a lot of water for at least 24 hours after each treatment, just to ease and support these all processes.