Pendulum Healing Therapy

Therapy at a distance.

Any form of energy work, allows doing treatments at a distance.
And even though direct work might be easier to perform during a personal meeting, I realize that sometimes it is simply not possible to meet face to face.

In such a case, you still are able to get the treatment you deserve. It is possible, as the energy has no time or space limits. 

Gladly, therefore, I am able to do the treatments for anyone around the globe.

Healing Pendulum Therapy by the Edward Witkowski’s own method.

In 2006, under the supervision and guidance of Reiki Master and Teacher – Edward Witkowski, I have completed a course of his own method, of the therapeutic pendulum divining.

This particular course has deepened my current knowledge and definitely enriched my energy work with new and very valuable skills. Now, I use it successfully for myself and others.

What the Healing Pendulum Treatment is.

This kind of therapy is all about using the pendulum radiation for specified performance, which is mentally determined strictly by the therapist during the treatment. The therapist carries the procedure, which is amplified and accelerated by the use of the pendulum itself. They both work together, combining their skills and abilities, as the pendulum treatment is primarily energy-mental work.

The result of the therapy depends largely on the skills and development of a pendulum provider, but as the capabilities of the pendulum used for the treatment as well. A large impact on the final outcome of the therapy has the client himself as well as his attitude to the treatment and his own health.

From the outside the treatment looks very simple. The receiver is lying or being seated, fully clothed and if required covered with a blanket. The only thing he has to do is to relax and open up for Highest Goodness.

The therapist seating couple of metres away is working with the pendulum, using prayers and affirmations to guide the tool and the energy.  

Benefits of the Healing Pendulum Therapy.

The main purpose of the therapy is cleansing of all energy bodies, but the physical one as well.

Therefore I can tell that the therapy affects all of your being. It allows getting back the balance and retrieving the natural healing processes.

The final result is, as all clients comment, a sense of stability and pure harmony combined with an incredible inner peace and lightness, after getting rid of low energies.

The mind and emotions stop running and fighting and eventually completely calming down; therefore allowing you to experience deep relaxation. All together is resulting in full distance to everyday matters and quick and easy answers and solutions for daily challenges.

Preparation for Pendulum Therapy.

  • on treatment day refrain from drinking caffeine or if not possible at least limit its consumption, as it has a direct effect on the nervous system and can cause problems with relax;
  • the day before and especially on treatment day, refrain from drinking alcohol;
  • 1.5 hour before the treatment, don?t eat heavy meal; if necessary you can afford a light snack about an hour before;
  • before leaving your home, if possible, take a warm, relaxing shower, which will help you to calm down and eventually bring you faster into relax state during the treatment;
  • dress in warm, loose outfit; during big energy transformations, lots of people feel cold inside of the body;
  • make sure to take off the jewellery (chains, bracelets, watches, rings, earrings etc)
  • it is recommended to have a good mood and positive attitude;
  • While treatment, it is recommend for you to relax your body and mind. It allows the energy to flow freely and rich as much of your being as you are open to. Deep breathing is very helpful in getting into relaxation state. To make it even easier, it is very common to use some relaxation or meditation music along with gentle fragrance of incense and soft light of candles.
  • Relaxed state of mind and body express your readiness and willingness for the change, for better, and becomes the key, without which, no change is able to occur. Without your inner permission and agreement, no shift or transformation is able to arise and become real.
  • The more you feel ready and opened the bigger change may appear.
  • If you have any questions or doubts, even during the treatment, don?t hesitate and ask your therapist right away.
  • Because the therapy accelerates the various mechanisms, including removing the toxins from the body, it is highly recommended to drink a lot of water for at least 24 hours after each treatment, just to ease and support these all processes.