We all brought up in a certain religion or belief system, influenced by which, we have learnt of so called good and bad; about ourselves, our lives and the world around us. Many of us developed the desire for research of more knowledge, freedom and understanding.

At the same time, during our research we were sometimes influenced by old patterns, which made us believe there is no freedom of choice for us, for who we are, for who we want to be or how we want to live. During our life journeys we seek a place to support us and everything we believe is best in us.

Here, it is a universal meeting place, for those, whose choice is to seek their inner truth; whose everyday’s choice is to live free from limited either religious or other belief systems; whose choice is to follow own heart’s and soul’s guidance. For here, you are not going to find any teachers, gurus, priests etc. Though, you can find friends who are walking similar path of freedom, acceptance and constant development.

So, intentionally I am a big fun of freeing your mind and opening it to new, positive, evolutionary ideas. I am a big fun of freeing your heart and opening it to new, positive emotions and feelings. I am a big fun of freeing your intuition and opening it to the Primary Source, the Creator of all that is and His guidance.

Here you can be seen, supported and get an advise if needed, on your life path you walk.

All techniques used in here, influence whole Human Being, including body, mind and spirit.

Here you can find:

  • A peaceful place to talk, to relax and restore your well-being;
  • A start for healing process in your life;
  • A time to relax and meditate with experienced practitioner;
  • A support for personal and spiritual growth;
  • A trusted and confident counselor;
  • A support for natural health with herbal, natural cosmetics from the cleanest part of the world – meet Tiande;

This is the best place to help you to get out of the box,  and feel full of vitality and energy again. Here you can rest, relax and renew yourself.
This moment is perfect to consciously support your health, well – being and personal or spiritual development.  

I am here to help you and support you throughout the process you have chosen for yourself. I am here to assist you during this extraordinary journey.



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